Introduction about me and Copy trade Forex.



Hello, I am Chau Thuy - a trader with over 5 years of experience in the Forex and Crypto markets. Currently, I am investing and trading as an independent investor.

   Trading (Forex, crypto, or stocks) is a difficult job that requires perseverance in learning, experiencing, and honing oneself. That is why there are very few successful traders.

   However, with the development of technology, the emergence of copy trade tools allows anyone to copy signals from trading experts to make profits. In 2019, I had access to copy trade forex technology and I was very excited as if I had found a gold mine. I spent a lot of money to experience it. There were profits and losses, which allowed me to accumulate my own experiences.

   I continued to make money until I saw many people searching for copy trade but not knowing where to start or complaining about losses when copying trades.

  I found that there are many places, many platforms that provide guidance on copy trading forex but they are very general and confusing. That made me come up with the idea of doing something to help people feel easier to make money from copy trade. I decided to create this blog to share my real experiences about copy trade with everyone. I only share based on my own experiences and want to express it in the easiest way possible for you.

This is a picture of me and my teammates learning and sharing about Copy trading Forex.

This is a picture of me and my teammates learning and sharing about Copy trading Forex.

   There are many ways to copy trades but I will guide you through the simplest and most effective way that anyone can do.

   So far, I have helped many people have passive income from 5% -10% / month or more from copying forex trades (if calculated annually, it reaches at least 50% -100% or more). But I always tell people: if my sharing is useful to you, then seriously experience it; otherwise, simply ignore it.

   Only real experiences bring results. But I also want to note that my sharing is not investment advice. You should consult and decide for yourself with your own capital.

Wish you success,

Chau Thuy